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All wholesale orders received between 9AM to 3PM (Central) are processed and shipped the same day.

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Distributorship is an exclusive, protected, opportunity with high operating standards. Distributors are limited based on market and saturation.

Formalized Training System

We offer the only formalized training system that includes a written and oral examination process.

I really enjoy being a True Stim distributor because it is a great product line that works! I share these wonderful products with pride and confidence knowing that they make a big difference 95% of the time and in just 10 minutes!

It is such a pleasure to receive many phone calls and visits from my satisfied customers! Many have become very good friends of mine! Referrals are great! The support system I receive with Marshall Terrin is second to none! I love helping people and this is the best way that I can achieve this goal.

Gail Harrison

Owner of Soothing Relief Naturally


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